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Display Megastore launches a new set of display boards

To remain firmly in touch with all the latest trends, Display Megastore has recently upgraded its product selection. In the autumn of 2012, we launched a new range of...

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POS displays – a traditional, cost effective way to boost your trade

Businesses that rely on FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) use POS (point of sale) displays to maximise their sales. These items, which include...

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Outdoor Ashtrays

Outdoor ashtrays have become a fixture since the smoking ban was introduced, and items in our range are all stylish and practical and will suit any budget, with prices starting at less than £20. There are few sights more off-putting than a floor covered in cigarette ends and spent matches, so a smart wall-mounted or free-standing outdoor ashtray will not only solve this problem but make any smoking area more welcoming. All of the ashtrays we offer are durable and made from high-quality materials. Powder-coated or smooth metal finishes ensure they are easy to clean and stay looking smart.

Commercial Outdoor Ashtrays

Outdoor ashtraysWall-mounted commercial outdoor ashtrays are the most unobtrusive option. Their ease of use and compact size has made them popular with pubs and restaurants. We supply a large range of windproof ashtrays to choose from, all of which are easy to use, empty and maintain. Some models even offer a dedicated space for advertising.

Free-standing Outdoor Ashtrays

Free-standing outdoor ashtrays come in a range of stylish designs, all designed to enhance the look of any outside smoking area. Our selection of ashtrays and cigarette bins are available in many different finishes, from powder-coated to chrome, to suit any environment. The range of contemporary or classic designs available means that we are sure to stock the perfect model for any smoking area, be it a pub, hotel or office.

No Smoking Signs

We can also supply a range of No Smoking signs, which have been a legal requirement for all business premises since July 2007.